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Cellz is a German/South African artist and saxophone player hailing from Munich. He holds a passion for jazz, hip-hop, soul and everything slotted in between. Making his name on the live circuit, he is focused on contributing to a more including society. Cellz is community driven, yet collaborating globally. For instance, he released music with Fatbabs from France, Depart from Istanbul, with Marc Ronin from Cape Town and Blue Glass from Antigua. With his latest release Dream On and the likes of Notion Magazine, Jazz FM and Music Crowns he gained attention in the UK and US, as an artist who up until today remains unsigned. He's an enthusiastic live musician and preferably performs with his band consisting of Black Pepper (Double Bass), Lewis Wootten (Drums), Hendrixx (Keys), J.Mute (Trumpet) and Ari.Sev (Guitar).


He's currently working on further Single & EP releases.

I Saw Her On The Beach - Out Now

Daddy's Home (ft. Cellz) - Out Now

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