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Cellz is a German/South African artist and saxophone player hailing from Munich. He holds a passion for Soul & RnB, Hip-Hop, Jazz and everything slotted in between. While making his name on the live circuit as a community driven artist, he very much loves to collaborate globally. For instance, he released music with Fatbabs from France, Depart from Istanbul, with Marc Ronin from Cape Town and Blue Glass from Antigua. Blue Glass collaborated on "I Saw Her On The Beach" and "Dream On". With the likes of several magazines and radio stations (Notion, Worldplay, Soultracks, Earmilk, Hwing, Vents, Music Crowns, Purple Melon Jazz FM, Downtown Radio, North Manchester FM…) they gained attention in the UK and US. For his latest release “What We Gonna Do” he paired with Viva Con Agua Music. Cellz is an enthusiastic live musician and preferably performs with his band consisting of five.

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