Cellz is a community driven artist growing within his local domains yet collaborating globally. For instance, he released music with Depart and Omeria from Istanbul, with Ziyawakazitha from Swaziland, with Marc Ronin from Cape Town and with Blue Glass from Antigua. He is an enthusiastic live musician who loves improvising on stage. Preferably he’s performing with his band consisting of Wilbert Pepper (Double Bass/Caracas), Lewis Wootten (Drums/Liverpool), Hendrixx (Keys/Munich) and Johannes Mutter (Trumpet/Munich).


He is an independent solo artist from Munich, Germany with South African roots. Born in 1996, Cellz started singing in choirs and playing the saxophone when he was ten. His mother, a so-called cape-coloured (Camissa) woman, grew up under the apartheid regime in Cape Town, South Africa. This awakened Cellz’s urge for equality from a very early point in his life. He discovered his passion for writing music after high school when he entered the hip-hop collective D!aspora, a multi-ethnic group devoted to embrace diversity and to give immigrants a feel of home. They have played several memorable concerts together such as the warmup for Masta Ace and The Doppelgangaz. In this setting he got a sense of a musician’s lifestyle and then decided to pursue a solo career while in parallel finishing his bachelor’s degree in Management.


The music ranges from hip hop and pop over house to jazz. His lyrics are mainly English but also German. It always has a very chilled and mellow vibe to it. He’s constantly trying to absorb societies’ pains and prospects while reflecting on these in his music and his lyrics. His first solo project “The System” with Charas Lounge, an Italo-German producer who is also a member of D!aspora was released in 2020. Cellz is currently working on various further Single & EP releases.


Joint EP with Blue Glass coming soon. 
First Single “OAB” out now.

Lisboa - Out 



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Munich, Germany
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