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German/South African singer-songwriter and saxophone talent Cellz set out on his musical journey as a genre-blending DIY artist, in 2020. He delivers fresh perspectives to melodies and writing, with immersive and heartwarming vocals that fuse Neo Soul and Alternative R&B, making a lasting impression. Drawing inspiration from artists like Chet Faker, FKJ and Braxton Cook he describes his sound as a mix of morning croissants and café vibes, a bit of Old Fashioned and hotel bar sophistication, and some chill moments with friends, enjoying a spliff and mango juice. Live, he brings his upbringing around German Hip-Hop, alongside his band of five. Across his time as a newcomer he has worked with internationally renowned producers such as Blue Glass (Antigua), Depart (Turkey), Fatbabs (France) and Marc Ronin (South Africa), with each new track gaining further tastemaker attention.


short cut - Cellz, Fred Red - 13th October

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