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"Cellz’ vocals are immersive and heartwarming, while his saxophone parts speak to his talent of the instrument, creating seamless counter melodies that captivate the listener. It’s an elegant and warm track that will speak to those who can relate and those who can’t with equal amounts of sensitivity."  (The StumbleUpon)

"With a penchant for soul, RnB, hip-hop and jazz that has seen him collaborate with artists across the globe, Cellz is an act to keep on your radar."  (Earmilk)

"German/South African saxophonist and artist Cellz is back in the spotlight with his latest single, ‘When I’m Back’, a captivating and irresistibly rhythmic offering blending afrobeat undertones with his unique nu-soul-alt-pop tendencies." (Backseat Mafia)

"He’s a serial collaborator, bringing together talented musicians from around the globe to add to his tracks. He’s seen industry acclaim from publications to radio stations as he continues to create great music." (Vents)

"Cellz hails from Munich, and has become known as someone able to build upon his influences and passions to release incredible music. What sets him apart is his skill in collaboration, taking his teamwork to a global scale. This ability has led him to acclaim from publications and radio alike. " (Music Crowns)

"Together, they have formed a magical dosage of neo-soul music that takes you back in time but also in the same premise, brings you right to the present.“ (Hwing Magazine)

"Cellz x Blue Glass is the result of a collaboration between two exciting 

and dynamic artists in perfect tune with one another.“ (Notion)

"Coming together as one potent musical act Cellz x Blue Glass deliver a genre-hopping number that’s as buoyant as it is tranquil, appealing to jazz lovers and beyond with their experimental approach." (Earmilk)

"It feels traditional yet modernised at the same time, and that’s testament to the duo’s explorative and refined nature of creating music that sonically diversifies your mind. To get lost in a transcendent neo-soul number.“ (Music Crowns)

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